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Pathology Poetry Tweet

National Poetry MonthDear friends, 
When you arrive each day for your work, you bring your special insights and energies to our department community. April is poetry month. I invite you to submit a tweet poem (140 characters or less, rhyme not required), about what you do, or what it is like doing it. Your name please (actual or made up), and a picture if you like. We’ll post them on the website for the month, and tweet them on the Health Systems Twitter account, So join in for the Pathology Poetry Tweet! 
Jonathan Braun, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair

Submit poetry here




Unselfconscious joy, a
Time without intention.

Dance alone, enjoy Donetta’s
Dream, the song, the moment
As the rhythm pulses.

- Jonathan Wu Gordon

Submitted By:
Dr. Jonathan Braun, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair



Intricate coils of wisdom,
Never fails out of boredom.
Faithful for generations,
Making new creations.

Sharing itself with all life's existence,
Yet distinguishing each in all persistence.
Never willing to fail anyone,
Fighting to survive since life has begun.

With three of four letters makes a word,
Though in amazing ways it unfurls,
To make itself heard!
Making sure it transfers to the pearls!

Solving its puzzle is a challenge,
Blessed are we to learn its language.
Helping the world with our talent,
To understand its course and manage!

Submitted By:
Namita Shanbhag

Sing to me of clouds and flowers,
Sing to me of love and loss,
Sing to me of beginnings and ends,
Human bits to be carefully analyzed.

Submitted By:
Tomas Ganz, PhD, MD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Pathology


A postdoc is a desperate doc
Dreaming of academic tenure
Pipetting, spinning, and delivering is what we do
So many mitochondria, so much to do

Submitted by:
Dr. Science Potoo

At the magnification limit of light
I find what’s right
And what’s wrong
With chromosomes…
Too short or too long?

Submitted By:
Jennifer Pelkey

Non smoking campus
Say bye to second hand smoke
Smokers are jokers

Submitted by:
Eric Ho

Transmural inflammation
Serosal polys

Submitted By:
Serge Alexanian, MD Department of Pathology
and Laboratory Medicine Housestaff

On the autopsy service:
"To die is different from what anyone supposed, and luckier"
- Walt Whitman

Submitted by:
Jonathan Said, MD
Professor; Division Chief, Anatomic Pathology

"If you don't have time to do it right,
when will you have the time to do it over?" 
- John Wooden

Submitted by:
 Khanh Andrews, UCLA Core Laboratory

  "Where names concerning illness come plumed with midnight sounds, and spirits stir from slumbers like angels out of clouds"

Submitted By: Poetry Man,
a former frozen section pathologist

"Down in the lab of B403, 
We be running your specimen like old school gee's
Answering questions be our specialty,
With CICARE of the upmost quality"

Submitted By: Kathy Gordy, UCLA Clinical Labs

 "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
- Maria Robinson

Submitted by:
Tami Langevin, Administrative Assistant


My fingers transform spoken into visible
As poetry gives form to the unexplainable.

Submitted by:
Alice J. Seidman
Surgical Pathology Transcriptionist

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