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Path and Lab Administrator
On-Call Pager #: 89230

Chair's Message: As an investigative discipline, pathology researchers identify the origins of disease and contribute to strategies for its treatment.  As a medical discipline, pathologists engage in patient care as consultants and innovators for biochemical, molecular, and cell biology tests that guide diagnostic and treatment choices. Read more »


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UCLA Pathology & Laboratory
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Department Awards, Grants, Gifts, Appointments and News

ClinicalExome   Clinical Exome Sequencing for Genetic Identification of Rare Mendelian Disorders. | Read More
Dr.Jenny   Congratulations to our Cytogenetics Fellow, Dr. Jenny Ji, on receiving the David Rimoin Award for Research Excellence in Medical Genetics, for her work on "DYRK1A Haploinsufficiency Results in a New Recognizable Syndrome with Angelman-like Features, Congenital Microcephaly, Prenatal and Postnatal Growth Retardation, and a Distinct Facial Gestalt". This work has also been selected for a platform presentation at the American Society of Human Genetics 64th Annual Meeting.  | Read More
Dr.Quintero   Congratulations Dr. Fabiola Quintero, who received the 2014 Outstanding Alumni Award from her Alma Mater, Universidad de Antioquia, as part of its 230 year old anniversary.
Dr.Nelson   Congratulations! Dr.Stanley F. Nelson, MD, is highlighted in the recently released Fall 2014 edition of Robb Report Health & Wellness. | Read More
Dr.Willam Yong   Congratulations to Dr. William Yong, Director of the UCLA-CHS Brain Tumor Translational Resource (BTTR), who has been awarded the 2014 Johnny Mercer Award for Brain Cancer Research. | Read More
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